Engagement Session: Steven, Andres and Truffle at Hollywood Beach

Andres and Steven are getting married!

And I could not be happier and for a few reason... 
You see, I have known Andres since he was a little boy, we were neighbors 
back when we were ... 8 years old?  WOW time flies!
Years went by (very fast) and we both ended up moving to the US.  
Andres was in New York city for a while and later he moved to South Florida 
to be closer to his family.
Then one day my mother came to visit and she mentioned that Andres was in Fort Lauderdale 
and we called him right away and had him over .. I still remember it was a lovely visit.
Move forward a couple of years and my mother was visiting again 
and this time Andres's mom was in town too!     Well, that was perfect!  
These two beautiful ladies have know each other all their lives, 
so of course we had to get together, and so we did!

We met, talked, and talked some more and after a few laughs I learned that Andres was engaged to Steven and then I realized why Andres looked different, and I mean different in a very good way.  Andres was calm, he looked at peace, as if he had found his place.. of course, Andres was in love!
I remember telling mom how excited I was about Andres and I figured they would be getting married soon.  I was excited for a lot of reasons and one was very selfish, I must admit, I really wanted to photograph Andres' wedding... but how in the world am I going to convince him and his finance Steven, when they were not even looking for a photographer???  ;-)

Well, I am truly overjoyed about being part of this beautiful celebration.  
I will be a guest and also their wedding photographer.  
I am about to be part of history in the making and 
it is beautiful and I am honored and so proud to be part of it.
Love conquers all, YES! 
I can see how they find comfort in each other, 
I see understanding, acceptance, admiration 
and a love that radiates.
I cannot wait for their wedding day. 

Here are a few photos from their engagement session.
Please come back in a month for pictures of their wedding day.
Until then...
Much much love!


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