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Fashion shoot in New York City, Spring 2010

We traveled earlier in May to capture some unique images by the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City .  This is a location that we have been looking forward to shooting and attempted to conquer more than once.  Finally  everything seemed to fall into place at the right time.  Our model Lauren traveled with us and also our make up artist Karla Lola was planning on visiting the city at the same time.   Marialexandra was very generous and shipped a few of her designs for this photo shoot.  Like I said, everything seemed to fall into place.  On Sunday we traveled between Manhattan and Brooklyn to find our favorite location with the perfect backdrop. The Brooklyn Bridge Pa rk was it!  And after a long day we accomplished half of the shoot. The next morning we were kept indoors due to the inclement and unexpected weather.  Nevertheless, we were able to create additional images in the privacy and wa rmth of our hotel suite. We will be sharing a few more slideshows in the next couple of days. 

Marialexandra Gowns at Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Floral Palace at Westin Fort Lauderdale

Another beautiful and classy creation by Floral Palace.  This time we were at the newly renovated Westin Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   Tones of eggplant and french blue made this a very classy-chic wedding, South Florida style!  Our next post is about our latest bridal and formal photo shoot in New York City.  Come back to visit soon.

Floral Palace at Marriott South Beach

We covered this Spring destination wedding, ealier in May.  The couple came from England, looking for a unique and hot location.  South Beach won their hearts and flower details were designed by our friends at Floral Palace.   Hot pink has been a popular color of choice this season and one that this couple selected and carried throughout.