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August ready? Check out our promos and book your session (Beach or Headshot)

Meet me at the beach! (August promo)

Time to update your headshots (August promo)

Some beach photo session ideas for inspiration:

Plus some awesome branding headshots to inspire YOU!

And during that last photo.. we were caught and escorted out 👀... It happens 😉


Soo excited to see our worked published by Loveincmag!!!! Thank you for your support and love.
Here, some of the images and the list of a fabulous team that made this happened!
As published:  Moss-Covered Isle 
Contemporary and earthy styles collided at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for a wedding design inspiration that’s as trendy as it is organic.The team of vendors crafted a ceremony set up filled with plush black suede seating that held drinks with sparkling black rimmed glasses atop mirrored signs with “cheers” written in delicate calligraphy. What a way for guests to be greeted!To play up the cascading greens already displayed through the museum, moss aisle runners lined the way to a disconnected floral arch filled with a plethora of greenery and anemone bulbs. Imagine saying ‘I do’ with a backdrop like this!In the semi-open space hand-lettered black and white escort cards were displayed with a statement wax seal that’s effortlessly modern. They complemented the mirror hexagon …

June & July: Branding Sessions!

These last 4 months have been different, challenging and completely new!We have faced unknown waters and together we must continue to embark and learn to navigate the "New Normal".
Perhaps you started a new businessPerhaps you started a new job Perhaps you re-designed your business and need to rebrand
We designed a Branding Package and are looking forward to working with you. The Branding Package is available June and July.  A way to help you get ready and begin the season with a bang! Contact us for additional information.
This is Mikki and she is the founder and owner of Wild Sugar Cane

We invite you and thank you  for supporting local business  like Wild Sugar Cane

Celebrating Family and Life!

When everything is done, when we go back to tell the story, when our schedules go back to  the new "normal"... What we will have left is US, our family, our loved ones.
It is time to celebrate all of US!