Abby and Eli

We meet Abby sometime ago and back then we thought, Abby would be a lovely and beautiful bride...
We saw Abby every Summer for the last there years... Time went by, college was completed and Abby moved away to North West Florida. We knew there would be a very special reason for her to move and so we finally met HIM!
Eli, you are a gentleman and a lucky fellow! It was a pleasure meeting you and we are looking forward to your wedding day.
Abby, we couldn't be happier for you and wanted to wish you a world of happiness and love.
Marriage is made and build day by day.. Just like the LOVE you two have share thus far.

May the love that you two cherish today, last a lifetime and then some...
We love you!
Gene and Patty

Please enjoy the beautiful pictures and slideshow created for you.

Ready to Fly
Cheers to You!


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