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Spring is Here!

So Spring is here and with it the best time of the year for that beautiful celebration, gorgeous natural light, soft and delicate colors and comfortable weather.  We photographed this time a one of kind wedding gown designed by Ivonne de la Vega.  This gown is made up of hundreds (if not thousands) of little pieces of lace, antiques appliques and so much love.  Ivonne designed this gown originally for her own wedding... a compilation of her work, creativity and love.
The always amazing accessories are by MariaElena Headpieces.  The two bouquets were designed by Flowersloft.  Hair and make-up by our good friend Karla Lola.  The location is just as spectacular as everyone else involved.  This is a private residence; Torreya, located in Wellington, Florida.  A place that mixes modern designs, open architecture, contrasts of textures and materials.  It open its doors to nature and everything that comes with it.  A relaxing and very enjoyable home of  Luis Miguel and Imelda and their son Miguel.  Thank you all for making this a fun shoot for all of us!


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Florida Wedding with a Gin Bar, Swinging Wedding Cake and Lawn Games Friends and family of Lora and Tracy came from all over the world to witness their uniting love.  The Living Sculpture Sanctuary  in  Florida  was the perfect setting to honor the blend of their South African and Puerto Rican cultures, as well as their love for nature and adventure. While  rain on a wedding day  isn’t everyone’s first choice, Lora and Tracy thought it only added to the romance of the day. Guests gathered under the clear tent of the venue for the couple’s wine wedding ceremony with an arbor of flowers and lanterns propped behind them. “We each selected a wine for each other based on the characteristics and surprised each other with the wine, partaking in it and roasting our past, present and future,” mentioned Lora. A true family affair, their son played a trombone duet and their niece sang a memorable melody. Once it was official, the two exited as dried leaves were tossed in honor of their love.  In

October is for FAMILY!

 It is already October!  This year has been a big blur, right? Not only 2020 started super fast, but then with this COVID19, pandemic and all the restrictions, it has become a blur of "stay home", "stay safe", but now we are starting to incorporate some social activities, keeping our social distancing, of course!  Wearing mask, washing hands and keeping it safe. The goal is to stay healthy and adjust to this new lifestyle or new normal, whatever we call it is just what we have to do! October is the beginning of my family portrait sessions and 2020 is definately a year to celebrate our family!  WHY??  Well, we made it!   We are here and we must celebrate the times we stay in quarantine and survived each other (lololol) We are safe, we are healthy and we are loved, by our families, our friends and neighbors.  Because in the middle of this crazy times, we have become more "human" more appreciative of each others company, we began to understand each other a bi