October is for FAMILY!

 It is already October!  This year has been a big blur, right?

Not only 2020 started super fast, but then with this COVID19, pandemic and all the restrictions, it has become a blur of "stay home", "stay safe", but now we are starting to incorporate some social activities, keeping our social distancing, of course!  Wearing mask, washing hands and keeping it safe.

The goal is to stay healthy and adjust to this new lifestyle or new normal, whatever we call it is just what we have to do!

October is the beginning of my family portrait sessions and 2020 is definately a year to celebrate our family!  WHY??  Well, we made it!   We are here and we must celebrate the times we stay in quarantine and survived each other (lololol) We are safe, we are healthy and we are loved, by our families, our friends and neighbors.  Because in the middle of this crazy times, we have become more "human" more appreciative of each others company, we began to understand each other a bit better, we are communicating and opening to a new world where we must learn to accept, respect and tolerate everyone.

OK - back to families lololol   I am looking forward to creating beautiful family portraits to close this year with a BANG!  We made it, people!!!  

To the families that I have photographed throughout the years, THANK YOU!!!

To the new families that I will meet this season, I am grateful you are choosing and trusting me!

Let's create the family portraits that will last a lifetime and remind us of the amazing 2020 we survived! 

Here is our promotion for OCTOBER:


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