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A Beautiful Wedding Invitation

We went to visit the site where Andres and Steven will be getting married and loved it. They have take care of every detail and it shows even in these beautiful invitations.  WOW!    We cannot wait to your wedding day! XXOO Gene + Patty

Happy Anniversary Sal & Viv

This beautiful wedding at Aqualina Resort was one of a kind and we are very proud to have been part of it.  Please enjoy the short the clip: Happy Anniversary to a couple that is beautiful inside and out. XXOO Gene + Patty

The Quinces Book we want to share

We had a great time with Sabrina during her quince's photo sessions. It all started with a phone call, followed by our first meeting.  Right away we selected dates for the photoshoots!  We met prior to picture day for styling and final scheduling.  Marlene (Sabrina's mom) had previously booked Cleo Jorge for hair and make up and we were set and ready to go! We had one packed day and covered 3 locations, 5 different looks and by the time we finished we were all ready for a good rest. After going back and forth making final selections for the book, we finally did it! And here it is, Sabrina's Quinces Book: Thank you Marlene and Sabrina for trusting us throughout this entire process.  This was a beautiful time and we hope you will remember this experience as a very special time in your life.  We love the time we spent together and totally love your book! Thank you Cleo, we make an awesome team! XXOO Patty

Engagement Session: Steven, Andres and Truffle at Hollywood Beach

Andres and Steven are getting married! And I could not be happier and for a few reason...  You see, I have known Andres since he was a little boy, we were neighbors  back when we were ... 8 years old?  WOW time flies! Years went by (very fast) and we both ended up moving to the US.   Andres was in New York city for a while and later he moved to South Florida  to be closer to his family. Then one day my mother came to visit and she mentioned that Andres was in Fort Lauderdale  and we called him right away and had him over .. I still remember it was a lovely visit. Move forward a couple of years and my mother was visiting again  and this time Andres's mom was in town too!     Well, that was perfect!   These two beautiful ladies have know each other all their lives,  so of course we had to get together, and so we did! We met, talked, and talked some more and after a few laughs I learned that Andres was engaged to Steven and then I realized why Andres

Day After Photoshoot at Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne

Great times with Valeria and Felipe. Bon Voyage! xxoo Gene+Patty