Fabiola and Gene's Wedding

Fabi and Gene are a very special couple. We met Fabiola some time ago, and have since kept in contact.. it is funny how life and circumstances gathered us in a place where we were not very familiar with everything going on around us, but nevertheless, it was a very good experience for us.  So we kept in contact for a few years now and just recently (I mean, just four weeks ago) We got a call from Fabi: "I am getting married!".  Our first reaction was a HUGE surprise, and after meeting Gene it became a VERY VERY nice surprise.
Within weeks they put together this great event and with help from their families and closest friends a detail was not missed, this was a true labor of love.  The wedding ceremony and reception was held at a private residence located in Pinecrest, Florida.  A gorgeous Key West design!
We want to wish you two an awesome life together. May your life be full of care, understanding, devotion, happiness, true emotions, fun, passion and love.  May the blessings be countless and laughs and hugs abundant between the two of you. 
You can always count on us as your friends.  Thank you for sharing this special day with us.


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